iisCC and iisCARTcc Version 3.1.3
iisCC / iisCARTcc Overview:
NEW: Authorizenet support updated for socket handling 6/21/02:

iisCC and iisCARTcc now support the following 20 processors:

iisCC and iisCARTcc support real-time clearing with the aforementioned processors.  It will also support authorization of charges if your merchant account does not support real-time clearing.

The component also handles credit card validation so that the network does not need to be contacted to validate the card number and expiry date.  It can also be placed into test mode where it will act simply as a validator as you build your site.

iisCC and iisCARTcc have a system which prevents duplicate charges being run by multiple submissions, full logging to track problems, and is extremely easy to use.

NEW: iisCARTcc now comes in two versions: one that is integrated with iisCART2000 and a stand alone product (iisCC) that can be used in any ASP script.

Integrate the stand alone iisCC into any storefront (iisCART or iisCART2000 is not required) or even a simple form for credit card processing.  View this example code to see how easy it is to use iisCC.

Available for just $95 per store, iisCARTcc is one of the most affordable, powerful, real-time credit card processing products available.